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What is the cause for nails turning yellow?

Q: I am a 52 yrs old woman. Lately I have noticed that my toe nails are turning yellow and my finger nails have lost their shine and have become quite dull in appearance. Sometimes I feel pain on the sides of the nails. What could be the reason and what is the cure?

A:Old age, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, and diseases caused by bacteria and fungus, can all cause our fingernails and toenails to change in appearance and texture. Normally, old age causes ails to grow dull and brittle and change colour from translucent to yellow or opaque. Fingernail tips may fragment and toenails may get harder and become ingrown (MAYBE YOUR REASON FOR PAIN AND DISCOMFORT) Ridges may also appear. Nails may fragment and split as a result of injury, anxiety, trauma, excessive application of nail polishes, or skin diseases such as psoriasis. Fungal and bacterial infections and viral warts can cause changes in the colour, texture and shape of nails. Nail changes may also reflect serious ailments such as cancer and diseases of the kidney, liver and thyroid, as well as disorders affecting the amount of the oxygen in the blood. deficiency of vitamin B12 and a general state of malnutrition can cause brittle and lack lustre nails. Please consult your local dermatologist to know the exact reason for your problem. Different disorders require different treatments.


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