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What is the cause for frequent vomiting and fever in a baby?

Q: Sir, my baby is 10 month old. She has 2 lower teeth and 2 upper teeth are now appearing. She is frequently vomiting for the last 2 months . Whatever I feed her she vomits and she hasn't gained weight for the last 2 months. She is very weak now. I give her cerelac, rice pudding, banana, apple, lentils, moong dal, and some vegetables. Some time she has 38 degree C fever. Is she okay or she has some problem?

A:If she is vomiting frequently and has fever off and on, please speak to your Paediatrician and bring this to his/her attention. Also specifically ask, if this could be due to a urinary infection or even a more chronic infection such as TB for example. As an initial procedure, you could get a urine test for routine examination and culture and also a full blood count and ESR and show these results to your doctor.


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