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What is the cause for frequent urination in diabetes and hypertension?

Q: What is the cause for passing urine frequently, many times a day? If the patient is 51 years old & has blood pressure and diabetics, then what should the patient consume if she is feeling weak? I recently suffered from Chikungunya.

A:With diabetes and hypertension, it would be better to be under the regular care of your physician. For your urinary problem urine examination and culture should be done to rule out any infection. If you are on diuretics for the treatment of hypertension you are expected to pass urine frequently. Diabetes in particular is expected to affect kidney and urinary bladder and one should be in look out for diabetes induced bladder dysfunction. In your case the recent weakness is likely to be due to recent Chikungunya you have recovered from. However, it would be better for your physician to see whether diabetes is fully under control. Diabetes and hypertension in addition to drug control needs a change in the life style. Keeping your weight under control with regular exercises, diet regulation and balance of your psyche will be helpful.


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