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What is the cause for frequent urination?

Q: I was suffering from chronic hepatitis C, for which I was treated with interferon. After the treatment I was HCV-RNA negative. After a gap of six months, HCV-RNA was again negative. During the treatment I use to urinate frequently. I also have associated symptoms of IBS. The urination became normal afterwards but from the last 20 days this problem has come back. I urinate almost every hour. My urine test shows 1-2 pus cells/hpf, sugar is absent but calcium oxalate is present. I did my blood sugar once it was within the normal range. Also the total urine collected for a period of 24 hours was around 2 litres.

A:Urine frequency can be due to many factors besides diabetes. You are a patient of IBS which may indicate your anxious personality which may cause episodes of frequency when having stress. Water intake is also important. Drink enough water according to your thirst. You don't seem to have infection. 2 litres of urine a day is towards the higher side. Try to measure the quantity of water and liquids you consume every day. Season may be another factor - it is now getting colder which minimises the need of water usage in the body. If you have no problem in passing urine like pain, burning, feeling of obstruction etc. just try to reduce the water intake.


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