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What is the cause for excessive sweating in a child?

Q: My son is 5 yrs old. He has a problem of severe sweating. Even in this weather I have to take off his sweater before he goes to bed to avoid sweating but still the place where he sleeps gets wet including the quilt and even the bed. He does not urinate in bed. Kindly advise, whether he should be shown to a child specialist or not. He is fat, weights 25 kg and does not do much physical activity. He is our only child and he does not mix with other children either at school or in the creche. He talks like a grown up person and sometimes even advises me on what to say or do. The doctor had advised for his thyroid check up which I have not done yet, since it is very difficult to locate the vein in children. Other than this, he is sound and healthy. I would like to know whether thyroid check-up is required and if this problem of sweating is because he sleeps between the father and mother?

A:Excessive sweating is often normal in children. Occasionaly it may be due to hyperactivity of thyroid (hyperthyroidism), though very rare. Such children are usually thin, lean and hyperactive with increased appetite. Hypothyroidism, on the other hand, usually produces short stature, increase weight, lethargy and learning difficulties with no sweating. There is no harm in doing the tests for thyroid function, but it is probably not the cause for excessive sweating. It may be worthwhile to do the urine test including specific gravity, osmolality and microscopy along with serum electrolytes.


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