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What is the cause for difficulty in ejaculation?

Q: I have a problem of taking a long time to ejaculate and as my wife gets pain we stop the act. Due to this I am unable to make my wife pregnant. Also, when I feel like ejaculating my body trembles and I feel very tired. Is it because we usually have sex in the morning after my bath (because she allows me only after a bath) and my stomach is empty. I also want to inform you that my wife is not at all interested in sex but just for the sake of a baby she agrees and allows me only 15 minutes. Before I can get the urge to have sex she stops me. (I have had sex before my marriage but then I used to ejuculate within 5 minutes). Please let me know if there is any tablet or something to solve my problem.

A:On the face of it you seem to have an adjustment problem. If you have normal erection (since you are able to have intromission) and ejaculation you do not have any organic problem. To my mind since you have a fear at your subconscious level that your wife would not allow you sex beyond 15 min your ejaculation is further delayed. Sex besides being an organic function is a strong psychological function. Until you and your wife are psychologically comfortable the problem will persist. You should convince your wife that she should be understanding and should co-operate with you if not for pleasure atleast to father a child. Kindly take help of a properly qualified specialist.(urologist, or qualified sex psychologist).


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