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What is the cause for delayed wound healing?

Q: I had a small cut in my arm which has not healed for the last 2 months. This is very strange as any cuts will normally immediately heal. In my case, sudden cut or abrasions do not seem to heal at all. I am taking fenolip for high triglycerides. Is this causing this problem? I checked for diabetes twice and both show normal blood sugar. I am taking medicine for BP i.e. Tenormin 25 mg. What is the reason for delayed wound healing?

A:Apart from diabetes, delayed wound healing can be due to: a) Metabolic disease b) Reduced blood flow c) Drugs d) Nutritional deficiency e) Neural Defect f) Presence of Foreign body g) Underlying disease of soft tissue or bone h) Specific infection. All the above have to be checked.


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