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What is the cause for dark patches on the face?

Q: I am facing a peculiar problem of different marks on my face only on the left hand side. Also when I shave I get small pimple-like thing on the face near the jaw. The marks are not so deep but the skin within the mark is dark and the marks are of different shapes-oval, zig-zag, lines in all vertical & horizontal direction. I am having this for 2 years now. I took Ayurvedic medicines and the results I got in the beginning were fair but did not cure it completely, after sometime the medicine lost its effect and suddenly the number of marks increased. Currently I am taking a Ayurvedic medicine since last 1 year. As long as I take the medicine the marks start getting shallow and lighter but as soon as I stop it reappears. I tried Allopathy but it worsened. The doctor told me its acne but I really doubt as I don't get any pimples and, as I said earlier, it is only on one side of my face. Please do the needful.

A:It is not possible to make a diagnosis without examination. Plane warts can lead to dark spots and can be present in different configurations. You could be having some other disorder.


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