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What is the cause and treatment for leg pain?

Q: For the last 20 years I have this dull pain in the leg every day towards the afternoon and evening. The pain is very light and is in the muscle at: a) Rear side of the thigh (below the buttock) on both legs. b) Calf muscle below the knee. c) Full leg just above the ankle. d) Soles of the feet. d) Flesh beside the heel. The pain disappears in the morning. Pressure applied by hand gives some relief. Doctors prescribes multivitamins but I do not get any relief. In the weekends when I tend to take rest, the light pain and tiredness actually increases due to resting position making mondays difficult at office. The pain is more prominent in summers. Could you guide me on the treatment?

A:That the pain does not decrease with rest suggests an inflammatory nature of the condition and helps to rule out mechanical problems which increase with weight bearing and decrease with rest. However, the chronic nature of the pain makes it difficult to break the cycle. The condition may be related to muscles (myositis) or it may be chronic fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome) where you feel tired all the time. You can try vitamin E and an alteration in your routine like adding a morning walk or physical therapy everyday. You can also try standing in warm flowing water under shower. All these measures are very supportive and not curative but it is necessary to break the cycle somehow to relieve the problem. It is not always possible to reach to a diagnosis.


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