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What is the best way to check urine for proteins?

Q: What is the procedure for checking urine proteins. One doctor advised me to collect urine for 24 hours while another doctor advised to collect urine from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM. What is the best medicine for high level of proteins in urine for a diabetic person whose blood sugar is always under control? He is not taking any protein rich foods, is exercising, taking proper medicines for blood sugar (type 2 diabetic) is a vegetarian and otherwise in good health. He is 64 years old and has an active life style.

A:The best method is 24-hours urinary protein. Short-term collection can also be done but then the result is expressed as - mg/gm creatinine. Once kidney starts leaking protein in a diabetic, there is no way to stop it. Drugs may help to lower the loss but can't stop it. Good control of blood pressure, blood sugar and use of ACE-inhibitor drugs can help to some extent.


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