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What is the best option to treat anal fissure?

Q: I am suffering from an anal fissure for the past 3 years. I am taking homoeopathic medicines for the same, which have proved beneficial till now. There is no bleeding since I start this therapy. I want a complete removal of this thing. Is the surgical procedure good? Also suggest allopathic drugs in place of homoeopathy.

A:I am sorry to hear that you are suffering from what you describe as a fissure. Since homeopathic treatment appears beneficial in your case please continue it. In case, you wish to try allopathic treatment, please take high fibre diet and naturolax powder orally at night. Apply 5% Xylocaine ointment before passing stools in the morning and follow this with sitz bath (sitting in the basin of warm water for 15 minutes). If there is no improvement, you may use 0.2% Glyceryl tri-nitrate ointment under medical supervision as it may have cardiac side effects. What you refer to as that thing in my back is probably a sentinel skin tag. It is of little consequence and may be left alone for the moment.


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