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What is the approximate cost of a hernia operation?

Q: I have numbness in my groin while I stand or walk for more than an hour. The doctor says its a case of hernia and operation is the only solution. What will be the expense of the operation, which has to be done at both the sides in a moderate hospital? After how many days of surgery can I resume my normal life? Can ayurveda cure this problem? Will I be able to ride a two wheeler and play badminton, cricket or do physical strains and weights after the surgery? My BP is 140/95. It fluctuates between 140/85 to 140/100. Please advise.

A:From your symptoms I am not certain that you have hernia. I am not at all certain that you have hernia on both sides! Please confirm the diagnosis by taking a second opinion. The usual hospital costs are as follows (in a general ward): a. OPEN operation, one side, approx Rs. 18,000 b. OPEN operation, both sides, approx Rs. 30,000 c. LAPAROSCOPIC operation, one side: approx Rs. 40,000 d. LAPAROSCOPIC operation, both sides: approx Rs. 60,000 You will be discharged after 1-3 days. You can resume normal work after 10-20 days. Normal physical activity: after 8 to 12 weeks. At this time you can drive a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler. Ayurveda cannot cure this problem.


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