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What is the alternative to dialysis?

Q: I have a question about kidney failure. My mother got hospitalised today because she was at first diagnosed to have anaemia, and then after one test, the result came up that her haemoglobin was high. The doctor told us the she should undergo dialysis right away but we are not prepared for dialysis since it will cost us a lot because they said it should be 3 to 4 times a month. We cannot afford this. Is there any alternative medication for this? Do we need to take a second opinion because my mother has never been sick before, although she has high blood pressure? Is dialysis a lifetime thing? What will happen if we get dialysis done once every month because we don't have money? What is the life span of a person treated with dialysis? Please help me with all my questions because I really want to help my mother?

A:Although the results of lab investigations have not been provided, based on history it appears she has reached End Stage Renal Disease and would definitely benefit from dialysis support. Although, financial burden posed by dialysis therapy remains prohibitive to providing thrice a week treatment which is one of the best ways to dialyze. Best alternative to dialysis worth consideration is kidney transplantation and you need to discuss with your doctors about the possibility of transplantation.


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