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What is sperm count and motility?

Q: My query is on semen analysis, but I could not find the meaning of motility (In semen analysis the sperm count is done and the structure and motility of sperms is assessed). Can you please explain? Kindly tell me what is normal count of semen and structure and motility of sperm.

A:Sperm sample can be obtained for test by masturbation which is the best. Otherwise, it can be taken at the time of intercourse. Just before you ejaculate withdraw and pass semen into a clean bottle. It should be sent to the lab within 30-45 minutes. Once the test is done, I suggest that you should not worry about the normal counts and motility. It is better to consult a urologist with the report. You also need to be examined by a urologist. He will rule out the possibility of varicocoele which is an important cause of low counts. The counts should be >20 million per ml with motility >50%.


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