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What is multiple neurofibromatosis?

Q: I have some lumps in some part of the body like in the back, hand etc. I had shown them to the doctor who said that its nothing but a boil on the nerves. He told there is nothing to worry but I have noticed some of them have grown big and many are starting all over like small buds. There is no pain.

A:I have gone through your query and it seems like you have multiple neurofibromatosis. This in isolation is an absolutely benign condition and the only cases where one has to worry about are:

  • If any of the lesions become so big that they cause either an anatomical or functional impairment of any kind.
  • If these lesions are associated with other manifestations of the Neurofibromatosis syndrome when any of those other lesions may need to be managed appropriately. The best thing to do is to allay your anxiety completely and a visit to any neurosurgeon in your city would be worth the while. In the meantime, I suggest you stop worrying since I don't see anything to be worrying about too much, and plan an appointment with any neurosurgeon at your convenience.


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