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What is Meniere's syndrome?

Q: Can you give me details and remedy for Meniere's disease? The ENT doctor over here says this is Meniere's disease - whistling in the ear, occasional giddiness. I am having the following medicines for the past one year - Betavert 8 mg (1-0-0) & Medineuron (1-0-1). Earlier the dosage was Betavert 8 mg (1-0-1) & Medineuron (1-0-1) and B-Banc (1-0-0). The problem started nearly 2 years back. But I have no giddiness for the past one year. PTA test was conducted - the result is left ear 38 db and right ear 30 db. What is the permanent relief for it? If a permanent relief is not there, then what should I do for the conditions not to deteriorate? Kindly reply to me.

A:Meniere's is a syndrome; that is, a collection of symptoms like deafness, which is fluctuant and episodic and at the same time the patient gets a bout of dizziness and sounds in the ear called tinnitus. After the attack is over, the vertigo may or may not completely subside but the hearing is restored. The tinnitus also may become better. This keeps happening over and over again and the patient may reach a stage where all the three symptoms remain as it is. The vertigo is invariably episodic, seldom lasting for hours or days. All this happens because of some fluid changes in the balance organ in the inner ear. You have a good sign in not having vertigo for the past one year. The hearing loss is understandable and I don't think you may require anything further. Surgical techniques are there but I would not suggest any one of them. Just be assured and keep in touch with your ENT surgeon from time to time.


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