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What is Marfan's syndrome, is it related to the heart?

Q: I am 26 years old and my height is 6.3 feet and I weigh 58 kg. A doctor once told me that I may have Marfan's Syndrome. My fingers are long, thin and not straight, they are a little thick in the middle. I have a slight pain in the chest since a few days. As far as the family history is concerned my mother has high diabetes and my grandparents are diabetics too. I haven't checked myself for diabetes. My blood pressure is 120/80. Doctors have told me that the chest pain is due to high acidity/gas and the pain reduces when I take tablet prescribed by them for controlling it. Is chest pain with normal blood pressure and pulse rate indicative of a heart problem? What are the symptoms and consequences of Marfan's syndrome? I had fainted several times some 7-8 years ago. Is it related to a heart problem?

A:At the age of 26 with a normal blood pressure the likelihood of your chest discomfort being because of a heart problem is very low. Your weight and body habits also makes it less likely. I presume you have no family history of heart disease. It is desirable to check your blood sugar and cholesterol and triglyceride levels especially because of a family h/o diabetes. In addition, an ECG and an echocardiography is also indicated in view of some features of Marfanoid habitus. (Your height of 6 feet and long tapering fingers). Marfan's syndrome is a connective tissue disorder characterized by several features: Tall lanky person with abnormal arm span, upper segment of body ratio and lower segment again abnormal, long tapering fingers, some abnormalities of palate. Abnormalities in eyes etc. There can be some abnormalities of the structure in heart and blood vessels arising from the heart. Most of them can be diagnosed by a good clinical examination, x-rays and echocardiography. MBBS doctors can also diagnose these abnormalities provided they have seen these problems before. You can get in touch with your general physician who is treating you and propose these suggestions. He may take help of a specialist in this field.


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