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What is intussusception of intestine?

Q: My 3 years and 10 months old son has been diagnosed with intussusception of intestine in which some part of the small intestine moved into the colon. The doctor gave him gas treatment in which they passed gas through anus. He said that since it was mild, the child has recovered in one try. What is intucesseption of intestine and why did it happen?

A:Intussusception is a part of intestine moving into another in your child's case you said it was small intestine moving into colon and fortunately it could be reduced by gas treatment – which is good – correct thing to do. You have to be cautious in future. There is no definite reason in most why it happens. It may/may not recur again. In case of pain abdomen, excessive crying of child, passing of blood in stool, please contact a doctor immediately.


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