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What is dyslalia and what causes it?

Q: My daughter is 3.5 years old. She had control in medical clinic because we sought she has problems with talking. We received the answer with the diagnosis called Dyslalia Therapy: Omega3, 2xday, 30 mg. What is this sickness? What will be the results, and is it the right diagnosis?

A:Dyslalia is the medical term, which means articular disorder i.e. inability to pronounce words or speak properly. It is a symptom and not a diagnosis. There are many causes of dyslalia such as (a) impaired hearing, (b) structural abnormality of the speech organs, (c) mental inadequacy, (d) learning disability. Before any treatment is started a diagnosis must be made and one should consult a good ENT speech expert. Omega 3 are fatty acids. There is no scientific evidence that Omega 3 can help patients of speech problems.


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