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What is clear cell carcinoma of the kidney?

Q: One of my relatives was diagnosed with cancer of the left kidney. The kidney has been removed three days back. The frozen section analysis revealed renal clear cell carcinoma. The histopathological report is awaited. What is clear cell carcinoma? Is it the more aggressive type or relatively milder? Can you please clarify this clear cell terminology?

A:Clear cell renal carcinoma is cancer of kidney and the name 'clear' is based on the appearance of the cells under the microscope. The outcome in the patients depends mainly on the stage at which the cancer has been detected - is it confined to the kidney only, are renal veins or nodes or other organs involved. This will be determined by CT scan, operation findings as well as the detailed histopathology report. Based on these would determine whether removal of kidney alone is good enough cure or additional treatment in form of chemotherapy is required.


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