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What is better - yoga or morning walks?

Q: I am a 66 years old man suffering from joint and right upper arm pain.. Some doctors have suggested morning walks while others say yoga is better. Now I am confused. Which one is better, morning walks or yoga?

A:Exercises in the traditional sense, encompasses a whole umbrella of activities. This could range from walking, biking, running, playing tennis, squash, badminton, walking on a treadmill, working out with weights to using your own body weight to build muscles, to stretching each part of your body. The list is enormous. Each activity fulfills a different purpose, but as a sum total, can be very efficient, if done with regularity. Yoga, on the other hand is a way of life. It includes asanas that work on different levels, externally, internally, physiologically and some say even spiritually. Just like specific exercises, yoga should be taught by an expert to get the most benefit. Yoga addresses many aspects of physical, mental and spiritual fitness, whereas a morning walk will cater to overall circulation and well-being as well as some amount weight loss, if done briskly. However, from what you say, your doctor would have suggested it for the former. So now the choice lies in doing what you have found to enjoy most. You should try out doing both and see, which particular activity gives you the maximum sense of satisfaction in achieving your goals.


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