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What is better - dialysis or kidney transplant?

Q: A friend of mine aged 45 years, has been suffering from kidney problem for the last two years for which she was being treated. Last week both her kidneys failed and she had to be put on dialysis for the first time. She has adjusted to the same and will continue dialysis as and when advised. I would like to know about life after kidney failure, what does the future hold? What is the life expectantacy of someone with kidney failure and on dialysis? What is the life expectantacy if one goes in for a transplant?

A:Most likely your friend has chronic kidney failure with end stage renal failure (which means there is no chance of recovery of native kidney function) and requires either dialysis or kidney transplantation for sustenance of life. Life after kidney failure can continue with haemodialysis three times a week (4 hour each time) or on peritoneal dialysis done early on (CAPD). Transplantation of kidney is the best treatment. One year and five year survival of kidney transplanation is more than 95% and 80% where as for dialysis it is 70% and 50% respectively. The quality of life is much better after with transplant than on dialysis. Transplant is more cost effective treatment. So kidney transplant is no doubt a far superior treatment option than dialysis from every aspect of consideration.


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