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What is BAHA used for?

Q: I want to know about BAHA (Bone aided hearing aid). What is the success rate in patients with bone conduction deafness and the possible risks associated during the implantation procedure and the technique of implanting it?

A:The BAHA (Bone anchored hearing aid) is indicated for patients with: 1. A predominantly conductive hearing loss and only a mild sensorineural hearing loss or, 2. One sided profound hearing loss with good bone conduction on the other side (single sided deafness). In the right situation the BAHA works very well. The operation involves inserting a titanium screw into the mastoid bone (behind the ear) onto which the BAHA is clipped. Although the procedure is relatively simple with minimal risks it is advised that you seek the opinion of a surgeon who has experience or training in the BAHA surgery, as that would affect the final outcome.


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