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What is atrial flutter?

Q: What is Atrial flutter? and what is wide QRS tachycardia? Recently I was admitted to a hospital after a bomb blast which was very close. Though there was no physical injury, the ECG showed the above conditions. The pulse rate continued to be 220+ for 4 hours after the incident. After administering Amiodarone(IV) and Magnesium sulphate, normal rhythm was restored. Based on these findings, is it possible for you to tell me whether it was incidental or is there any dormant problem?

A:Atrial flutter refers to a heart rhythm disorder which originates in the upper chambers of the heart - the atria. Wide QRS refers to the width of the ventricular complex in the ECG. It is required that investigations be done to find out if the patient has underlying heart disease specially if the problem reccurs.


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