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What is asymptomatic Hepatitis B infection?

Q: Around 6 years ago, I was diagnosed with Hepatits B. It was told that I was an asymptomatic case. I did not have any symptoms of nausea, or loss of appetite. A doctor I visited suggested using Lovanthine forte. Nowadays I feel I am not able to lift heavy weights and have muscle pains too. Are these two connected? Is there any medication available in USA/India which will cure this problem completely? Is it ok to marry and have a normal married life? Please reply to my query and send me your evaluation.

A:Hepatitis B is very common worldwide. Most cases may also be transmitted from mother to child. Asymptomatic Hepatitis B means that you have got no symptoms. The question you need to ask your doctor is whether you are a low risk (that means that nothing needs to be done and you are not likely to go on to getting chronic problems) or high risk (when you may require treatment). The chances are that you are low risk - particularly as your doctors said nothing was required 6 years ago. If so, the symptoms that you are complaining of will not be related to the hepatitis B. It is fine to marry - but would be advisable for your future wife to be immunised against hepatitis B. If she also is/will be hepatitis B positive - then your future child will be immunised at birth. So there is nothing to worry about - if you are low risk.


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