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What is a ureteric stricture?

Q: What are strictures? Is it a serious problem? I had pain in the lumber region of left abdomen. Upon operation it turned out to be ureteric stricture. What is the meaning of ureteric stricture? Although I have been diagnosed for this (ballooning), can this problem recur again? What precautions may be taken? Even after operation, I feel pain and some time I feel that my ureter may have been blocked, thus damaging the kidney. I feel so because sometime I feel something is backfiring from downwards to upward inside of left abdomen where kidney is located leading to fear that there is obstruction in the left ureter and may damage the kidney seriously. Please give me your valuable advice.

A:As you may know ureters are the narrow tubes traveling between kidney and the urinary bladder and functions by draining urine from kidney to bladder. Stricture is a narrowing of ureter. It could be anywhere along its length of 25 cms. Yes, if not treated adequately it can damage the corresponding kidney. One needs to investigate and know the cause of a stricture and then decide upon the treatment depending upon the cause. Yes! ballooning is a temporary treatment and may need to be repeated to achieve lasting results, the chances of recurrence are high. However, if your kidney function is good, you need not worry. Your urologist can easily manage you for the rest of your normal life.


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