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What is a patent vitello-intestinal duct?

Q: What is patent vitello-intestinal duct? My newborn baby needs to undergo a surgery for this. Please advise.

A:When the baby is still in the womb, he is attached to the mother with a cord called the umbilical cord. The cord contains blood vessels that carry blood to and from the fetus to the mother. The cord also has fine connections with the urinary bladder and the intestines of the fetus. At birth, the umbilical cord falls off, outside. At around the same time, the internal communications of blood vessels and with the intestines and bladder also shrivel off. In some cases, the connection to the intestines remains open. This is called a patent vitello-intestinal duct that drains fecal matter at the umbilicus. This needs a surgical procedure for correction wherein by an abdominal operation the intestines are disconnected from the umbilicus.


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