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What is a BERA test done for?

Q: My baby had a massive convulsion after, which she was admitted in the hospital. The doctor told us after the CT scan report that her brain had some water but they had no apparatus to remove the water. The baby was then shifted to another hospital. After a week of admission, the CT scan showed that water percentage had increased. The brain was then operated upon to remove the water. After the brain operation, about 100 ml of water was removed. But then the MRI report showed that water was till present. After completion of 3 weeks, she was discharged. The doctor again checked up the baby and suggested BERA test. Now, I want to know what the BERA test is? Why is it required and what is the procedure for it?

A:The BERA (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Responses) test is performed in children who have suffered meningitis to check for hearing loss, which can occur in children who have suffered from meningitis. It is important to detect hearing impairment because a normal hearing is essential for normal development of speech and language. The test is harmless, i.e.; it is totally safe, and takes few minutes to complete. Earphones are placed over the child's ears, and sound is produced through the machine, and the brain waves are recorded by electrodes placed on the scalp. No injections, surgery or pain is produced. I would recommend that you get this test done.


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