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What if the baby passes stools less frequently?

Q: My son aged 4 months weighing 4.75 kg, passes stools every 6th or 7th day some times on 10th day. This is happening since he was 1.5 months old. He is mainly on mothers milk and has no complains whatever>. For the past 6 days we are giving him a scoop of cerelac wheat in water/mutton soup. Doctor, I want to know why is the gap so long and is there any problem? When checked with local paediatrician, she told us to give him half mosumbi juice but the duration has not reduced. Please suggest.

A:It is not unusual for babies exclusively on breast feeds to pass stools less frequently especially if they otherwise look fine, are feeding well, gaining weight adequately (i.e. 700-900 gms per month), there is no distension of the abdomen (tummy), stools are not pasty and there is no excessive vomiting. You have not mentioned about the birth weight. 4.7 kg at 4 months is not all that bad. You have started supplemental semisolids in form of cerelac which is alright but avoid using mutton soup so early. You may also gradually introduce home made cereals like suzi, daliya and I am sure things will settle down. Please make sure that you have got your baby examined by a pediatrician to rule out any abdominal cause and baby's well being otherwise.


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