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What food should be avoided to decrease creatinine level?

Q: My 62 years old mother-in-law is a heart patient for the last 2 years. She is taking Amlopres NB daily. Her urea is 40.9 mg/dl, creatinine is 12.9 mg/dl and cholesterol level is slightly high. The doctor has prescribed Novastat 10 and colsprin. What food should she avoid to decrease her urea and creatinine levels and to reduce cholesterol levels? She is a non-diabetic patient. Please advise.

A:I think your mother in law should get a repeat urea and creatinine done. My guess is her creatinine is 1.29 mg/dl and not 12.9 mg/dl. She might benefit from getting urine routine analysis, 24 hours - urine protein and creatinine and an ultrasound of abdomen. One needs to find out the reason for high urea and creatinine if it is so, and treat the cause if possible. Dietary modifications can only slow the rate of deterioration and should be done with caution so that malnutrition is not produced or enhanced.


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