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What eating precautions should be taken during rainy season?

Q: What are the precautions one must take for eating during monsoon?

A:Hygiene is very important during monsoon as infection through water is very common. So make sure the water you are consuming is not contaminated. As far as possible drink only filtered water that has not been stored for several days. Also make sure that water or food is being stored in a clean air tight container. Avoid eating chaats, pakoras, snacks, cut fruits and juices from roadside vendors. If you are eating out make sure the place you have chosen conforms to some basic standards of quality and hygiene or you can acquire serious infections like viral fever and diarrhoea. Monsoon season also increases your craving for fried foods. So beware weightwatchers. Enjoy the season with pakoras but they should be homemade and because they are very fattening you must check the quantity, method of preparation and of course the frequency with which you are consuming them.


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