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What does the presence of proteins in urine indicate?

Q: My albumin is +++. What does this indicate and what should I do about it? I am also a patient of Hepatitis C and diabetes.

A:The presence of proteins in urine (proteinuria) is abnormal as most proteins are too large to pass through the filtering unit of the kidney. Normal urine protein excretion is up to 150 mg/d. Therefore, the detection of abnormal quantities or types of protein in the urine is considered an early sign of significant renal or systemic diseases. When kidneys are damaged, proteins of various sizes pass through them and are excreted in the urine, and their level in the urine increases with progressive damage to the kidney. Albumin is one such protein, and as it is relatively small in size, it is the first protein to enter the urine following kidney damage (albuminuria). You are a known diabetic and are also suffering from Hepatitis C. Both these conditions are associated with kidney damage. Please do not neglect this and consult your endocrinologist/ nephrologist who will be able to examine you and advise appropriately.


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