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What does the hydronephrotic kidney indicate?

Q: I am 30 years old. Two days back, I had pain in my stomach. The doctor advised me to undergo ultrasound scan for the kidney. As per the report, the left kidney shows mild hydronephrotic changes. What do hydronephrotic changes mean? What is the treatment for this? For the last 2-3 years, whenever I pass urine, it goes smooth, but after 2-3 minutes I have some discomfort in my stomach and I am compelled to pass urine the second time. After that everything is normal. Why does this happen? Is this related to the hydronephrotic kidney? I also tested positive for H. pylori. I have some BP problem, sometimes it shows 140-105, some times 130-90. I haven't taken any medicine for this. Please advise.

A:Hydronephrosis means dilatation (expansion) of urinary drainage system which most often is related to obstruction is easily documented by a DTPA renal scan, which should be done & you should consult a urologist with the reports.


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