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What does my ECG report signify?

Q: What does RS transition zone in V leads displac mean in the in ECG report? The report also says sinus tachycardia.

A:R is the positive wave on the ECG. S is the negative wave that follows R. Limb leads are those that are recorded from the arms and legs. Chest leads are placed on the chest and are labelled from right to left as V1 to V6. The ECG waveform changes from a small R and large S in V1 & V2 to a large R and small S in V4. So the transition is said to be in V3. Early transition is usually an incidental finding and has no significance unless interpreted with the whole ECG. Sinus tachycardia is a normal fast heart beating (like during exercise) probably secondary to some anxiety during the recording or due to anaemia. Your pains are present all over the body and so are not typical of heart pain. If your white cell counts and ESR are high you most probably have an overt or hidden infection (may be gynaecological). Some ladies may have thyroid malfunction & high ESR. You probably need a repeat Blood count (DC, TLC, Comment on peripheral smear), Serum Ferritin, Urine microscopy, stool for occult blood, T3, T4, TSH (thyroid test) and if needed a visit to your gynaecologist.


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