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What do I do for blocked eustachian tubes?

Q: My hearing is less in the right ear as compared to the left one. In a bent position, I experience rushing sound in both the ears. This problem is there for the last year and a half. It appears to be more pronounced in the last 6 months or so. Recently, I had undergone Pure Tone & Impedance Audiometry Test where the impression of the audiologist was recorded as 'suggestive of blocked eustachian tubes' - what does this diagnosis signify? Will this need a surgery for correction or medication can help overcome the problem? How major or minor is this surgery? Will there be visible scars? Is full recovery possible with surgery?

A:This is a minor problem when the pressure behind the ear drum is not as good and equal as that of outside, so the drum is either bulging or pushed in. It is treatable with medications and if not corrected can be corrected by a small surgery where the drum is inserted with one small tube under anaesthesia and it allows the pressure to be same on both sides. It is done through the ear canal and hence you will have no scar. It is done under GA in children and maybe even under Local in adults. Procedure lasts 10-20 minutes. Full recovery is possible in 80% of cases.


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