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What diet is suitable for acute idiopathic pancreatitis with pseudocyst?

Q: I am 21 years old. Four years back, I was treated for acute pancreatitis with a pseudocyst (severity midex 6 Grade C) for 18 days. It occurred with acute pain in the upper abdomen, which lasted for 24 hours and vomiting. No cause was found for it (Idiopathic). I have never taken alcohol but used to eat heavy and spicy food. Is this the reason for pancreatitis?. My tests showed Amylase – 1491 U/L, Lipase – 1910 U/L, T Bilirubin – 1.02 mg/dl, D Bilirubin – 1.33 mg/dl. I was prescribed Pantocid and Antoxid for a year. My last Ultrasound revealed Pseudocyst* in the tail of pancreas (size 7.0×6.7×5.6 cm). But it is creating no problems for me. Is there a need of surgery? What kind of surgery is required? After the 1st attack, I have had two mild attacks within a year, even though I was not taking any heavy food. But I am not having any problems for the past 2 years. My weight has reduced from 80 to 64 kg. I am 172 cm tall. I am doing my exercises and also building my body now a days. I always have a problem with diet. I don’t know what diet should I take. Please suggest a correct diet for me? Can I eat boiled eggs, fish and chicken?. Do you think a regular follow up is needed?

A:It appears you had acute idiopathic pancreatitis with pseudocyst formation. Usually these cysts gradually resolve. However, if they do not, further treatment may be required. I suggest you consult a gastroenterologist with experience in pancreatic disease. There are several good centres in India with such experience. With regard to diet you can eat a normal diet and there is no need for any restrictions. Avoid alcohol and keep your lipid levels within the normal range.


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