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What diet chart should be followed for diabetes?

Q: My 72 years old father is suffering from cerebral stroke for the last 18 years with high blood pressure and diabetes. He was also diagnosed with renal failure. At present, his creatinine level is 3.2 and haemoglobin 8.84 g/dl. Presently, he is taking Losar 50, Lasix 40 once a day, Amlodac 10 once a day, GTN sorbitrate 2.6 twice daily, Atorva ASP, Ostecalcium Forte 1, Otrin 1 and Humm insuliin 12. His present blood pressure ranges at 140/80 mm/Hg. What diet should he take? Is he on right treatment? There is no renal dietician available nearby our place.

A:The present level of medication looks quite adequate. However, I would suggest that you take his haemoglobin level up to at least 12 gm% from 8.84 gm %. This would help him build his overall general health. The diet depends on a number of factors like his daily routine, his weight etc. and therefore its best prescribed by dietician on first hand consultation.

However, in generic terms for a diabetic patient, it is important to restrict the sugar and refined carbohydrates like white bread, refined atta chapattis, rice, potato, sweet potato, bakery products etc. The diet must contain high quantity of fiber and plenty of vegetables and non sweetened fruits like apple, guava, plums etc. Being a diabetic, he should avoid mangoes, grapes, banana, litchi’s and other similar sweet fruits. Also he must keep his salt intake to no more than 3-5 gm per day because he is a hypertensive patient. One should avoid table salt totally. Even intake of saturated fats should be limited and one should take a mixture of poly unsaturated and mono unsaturated fats and with a sprinkling of desi ghee to provide essential amino acids. One should try and do cooking in a mix of oils, rather than taking to one brand only. He should also maintain adequate level of physical activity, commensurate with his age and clinical condition. A renal physician may help you decide whether he needs to restrict his protein intake also. Regarding your query of diet chart, any major hospital should be able to provide you with a diet chart.


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