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What could cause developmental delays in a child?

Q: My daughter, 1.5 years old, can not stand, walk, or crawl, having much weight. She was diagnosed with child development delay and genu recurvatum; unable to roll, unable to creep and crawl, had a normal hospital delivery, delayed birth cry, birth wt 2.6 kgs, kept in incubator for 5 days after birth, convulsion for first time without associated fever, 2nd time convulsion with high grade fever. She is on valparine, no pneumonia / jaundice. The EEG recorded during sedated sleep state reveals abnormality in the form of interictal multifocal seizure activity over right and left temporo-pareital region. Please advise.

A:It seems that your child has probably had a problem at birth, possibly hypoxic brain injury. The convulsions also may be a part of this problem. It is important that anticonvulsant medicine be continued regularly. You also need to see a neurodevelopmental specialist and follow a planned programme for regular physiotherapy. The developmental delay and the fits are part of the same problem. It is impossible to say more than this without seeing the child.


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