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What could be the vause of a low pulse rate?

Q: I am having problems with my pulse rate. I am a 27-year-old working woman. Recently, I went for an ECG for the LIC policy and found that my pulse rate was 45, which is below average. I again went for an ECG and found it be around 48. The doctor said it could be sinus, which does not require any treatment. What could be the problem? Is this a serious issue? Will my pulse rate remain the same? Is there anyway to improve my pulse rate? Do I need to check for any symptoms since I have blurring vision, with giddiness and chest pain? Please advise.

A:Are you an athlete? Athletes usually have a slow pulse. Do you take any drug? Some drugs can cause a slow pulse. You can also do an exercise test (TMT) to see if the pulse goes up with exercise as it normally should. If you have no symptoms it is best to do nothing. You can check your ECG once in 6 months and not become neurotic.


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