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What could be the cause of frequent urination?

Q: I am 56 years old male. From the past one week, I have started urinating once in 2 hours. I have an urge to urinate every 45 minutes. I also get disturbed twice at night due to this. The local doctor suggested Ofloxacyl (alembic) 200gms; Alkaryl syrup mixed with water. He also advised me to drink more water. I underwent urine sample and blood tests as well. Diabetes was ruled out. The doctor said that I have minimum pus cells and simple urinary tract infection. But the problem still persists. Urine is normal, there is no odour, smell, colour or burning sensation. I take 3-4 litres of liquids in the form of coffee, tea, water etc. I do not have any bad habits. I also have pain in calf muscles, which the doctor says is due to reduction in sodium and potassium due to excessive urination. Please advise.

A:Frequency i.e. increased and frequent urination could be due to either a urinary tract infection, uncontrolled diabetes, prostate enlargement etc. Please get a urine culture and antibiotic sensitivity done to exclude an infection. If positive, take a course of an appropriate antibiotic for the full duration as advised by the doctor to completely eradicate the infection. Then consult a urologist who can examine you and investigate appropriately to exclude a prostatic problem.


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