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What could be done to make my 3 years old son bold?

Q: My 3 years old son is very shy and timid at school and social gatherings.. He is gets scared of loud noises, fireworks and even rain or any form of water shower. He does not like to swing or jump from even 6 inches height (though he is 3 feet tall). He is active at home when family members are around, but in the presence of strangers / guests, he gets shy and wants his mother to be around him. I want to know that if this behaviour is normal. What can I do to make him bold and outgoing?

A:You may be surprised to hear that there are not too many "normal" children - they are all different in different ways - and some may seem "abnormal". We prefer not to use such words to identify a child. Some children are shyer than others and take time to make friends. They feel more secure with family members around. This is quite natural. Much depends on the child's size, health and inborn traits. As he grows up, some things will change. But it would be better not to try and fit him into an "average" mould. He could be gradually encouraged to widen his circle of friends, and increase the games he plays, but there should be no teasing of him at all.

Give him a variety of activities so that he can choose one or two he likes. When he excels in some activity, his confidence will also be evident.


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