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What causes recurrent pain in testicles?

Q: I am a 28 years old male suffering from testicular (right testicle) pain since last year. A year back, I joined a gym, but after a couple of months, I felt pain and discomfort in my testicles. I have consulted a doctor who told me that it is due to bacterial infection. So, the doctor gave me Bactrim tablet for three months. After another couple of months, the problem recurred. Then the doctor changed Bactrim tablet to cefadroxil for three months. After a month, I drove a two-wheeler, which resulted in recurrence of testicular pain. I consulted another doctor who asked me to undergo ultrasound of scrotum. I was diagnosed with bilateral varicocoele. I experience more pain when I exercise more. I also play tennis. How can I get rid of testicular pain?

A:The chronic testicular pain could be due to several factors. It sounds like the doctor has treated you for infection in the prostate (what is called prostatitis). You need an exam of the prostate to confirm this diagnosis and if that’s the case you need treatment with antibiotics and NSAID's such as Ibuprofen for at least eight weeks. The ultrasound of the scrotum is a confirmatory test for varicocoele but you should not need an operation unless it is clinically significant on physical examination and that is contributing to the pain. You can certainly lift weights, do exercise, and play tennis as long as you don’t have an inguinal hernia. If the doctor you are referring to is a urologist, ask him to check for prostatitis, varicocoele and inguinal hernia on physical examination. If not, consult a urologist.


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