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What causes pain in the testes?

Q: I am aged 51 years and have an active sex life. I have been doing Yoga for the last one year and reduced my body weight considerably. Yoga involves a lot of bending and twisting. I do not know why for the last six to seven months I get a severe pull in my testicles and feel as though the nerves connecting the two testes are severely injured. There is a shooting pain in the scrotum of both my testicles. The pain is so severe that I can't bear and it lasts until the pulling or lifting feeling of the nerves connecting reduces. I feel as though the two testes are forcibly being pulled up by the nerves connecting them. I become very dull until the pain vanishes. But for the last six months I have less urge for sex and I have very little sex compared to what I used to have. Is it due to severe bending and twisting in Yoga or is it a problem due to age or is it that I have reduced my sex life considerably or is it some disease or connected with scrotum cancer? I however have some thick clotting like muscle just above left testicle which when held is hard and is like a thick muscle and pains when squeezed. I used to get this kind of pain earlier only on the left side but now I get it on both sides.

A:You have probably pulled and hurt your muscle and/or nerves giving you excruciating symptoms. If you do not have any local swelling or problem with your testes you need not worry much. However, you must consult some surgeon/urologist in person to get a candid opinion on your problem to feel relaxed. As far as your sexual dysfunction is concerned, I am convinced that it is just psychological and an assumption. The reason for my getting to this conclusion is that you are still at the prime of your age, pain in the testes can not explain your sexual aversion, yes it may divert your attention. If you will consult a urologist he will be able to sort out both of your problems to your satisfaction.


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