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What causes pain at the tip of index finger?

Q: My wife, 26 years old, is facing pain in the tip of index finger of her right hand. Initially it was a kind of electric shock type feeling. Now it pains and pain gets aggravated while working and using that hand. Finger X-ray showed no abnormality. X-ray cervical spine is also normal. Her Hb is 12.2 g% and ESR is 5mm; What should be the next step?

A:Pain in the tip of the finger (index) could be due to pressure over the nerve roots or peripheral nerve itself. Though the x-ray cervical spine is normal, further work up is necessary. Hence I suggest to consult a neurophysician, so that detail examination has to be performed to localise the site of lesion. Depending upon the other neurological signs, certain tests have to be planned depending upon the deficits.


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