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What causes excessive hair loss?

Q: I am a 26 years male belonging to Varanasi (U.P). I completed my B. Tech from IIT Kanpur in 1995-2002. I am suffering from hair loss since 1998. It first started in July 1997 but stopped after three months. Again in May 1998, when I went to Rourkela for two months summer training, it started and since then my hair are continuously falling. In Rourkela the food quality was not good and I did not take proper food during that period. About 20 days before I was to return home this started. In 1999 I consulted a skin specialist Dr. S. C. Agarwal in Kanpur for six months but the hair loss was only partially controlled. In May 2000 I came to Mumbai and here the problem became more serious so I contacted a skin specialist (Dr. Tolsheker from August 2001 to July 2002) but the problem was not resolved and the loss continued. After that I went to Dr. Batra Clinic for homeopathic treatment which I have been taking for the last two months. Till now there is no improvement. Presently my problem is that hair from the front are falling very fast and the growth rate in that area is very very slow in comparison to the other parts. The back of my head has healthy and dense hair. When I bathe I do not use any shampoo and I feel some greasy material in my hair which smells bad. I do not apply any oil and my skin is oily. When I apply shampoo the foam of the shampoo vanishes within a minute. Some times I feel itching in hair and I scratch some semiliquid material comes in my nails but I do not know from where this comes. Can you please suggest something for my problem as I am very depressed and am to be married soon. If possible please help me. I do not know whether medical science has any permanent solution to this problem.

A:In the first instance let me assure you that hair fall has nothing to do with the change in places you mention in your letter. Second not cleaning your hair- with shampoo or soap is not a healthy thing. Your scalp will smell if you do not clean it. Hair fall in young men is mostly due to genetic effects and due to their being males. It will be advisable for you to go and see a dermatologist accessible to you who may be able to help you.


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