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What causes cysts on the scrotal skin?

Q: I am 33 years old. For the past 6-7 years, I have cyst-like growths (around four in number) on the skin of the testicles. I read somewhere that this is harmless, so I ignored them till now (as there is no pain). But now one of them has grown a little bigger (around the size of a pea). I visited a urologist yesterday who was also of the opinion that they were harmless / painless and can be safely ignored. What causes these growths? Is there any medication available to treat these growths and make sure that more such growths do not develop?

A:Painless cystic swellings of long duration in the scrotal skin usually result from sebaceous cysts, a condition affecting a hairy part of the body. These usually result from blocked mouth of sebaceous glands (glands in skin) or a swollen hair follicle. Excessive testosterone production has also been implicated. Treatment is usually required only for cosmetic reasons in exposed area, or when such a cyst gets swollen and infected.


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