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What causes blood in semen?

Q: I got married one and half year ago and have sex regularly; at times even 2-3 times a day. Most of the time I ejaculate pematurely, but sometimes it is fine. Recently I had a problem that while ejaculating I found blood oozing along with the semen and the semen was full of blood. There was absolutely no pain and I have no problem with erection. There was no pain even while passing urine. I abstained for 10 days but even then blood came alongwith semen. But now it is half white and half red. I am facing this problem for the past 3 months. I have consulted many doctors but have not received a satisfactory reply.

A:Your problem is called haemospermia. Most of the time there is no serious cause for it. In Indian conditions, tuberculosis may be one important cause. Others are ejaculatory duct stone, prostatitis etc. You can get your urine test done for AFB or urine PCR for tuberculosis, a transrectal ultrasound for seminal vesicals and prostate. If all are normal, try tab. dicynene 250 mg for 5 days and tab. hytrin 1 mg at night for 2 weeks and tell me the result.


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