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What causes abdominal pain and blood in stools?

Q: I had acute pain in my abdomen (left side). It started at 10 AM in the morning and continued to till 11.30 PM in the night. After that it subsided. I did not feel pain for the next 15 days. Next month I felt pain in my anus and blood also came with the stool. The blood came only once with the stool. Since I live in a remote area, and doctors are rare in this part of the country. A doctor here said that I am suffering from piles and prescribed an ointment. Though there is no more blood and less pain in the anus area, I feel constant pain in my left abdomen. Stool is passed comfortably now. What could be reason for this constant pain in the left side? Ultrasound test has revealed nothing. Can there be any problem with my colon?

A:The details given are insufficient and the age and sex of the patient is not known. Common cases of pain on left side of the abdomen and blood in stool are: 1. Polyp 2. Diverticular diseases 3. Ulcerative lesion There may be two pathologies like stone in Ureter with Piles. Patient requires a clinical examination and investigation. No diagnosis can be arrived at with these meagre facts.


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