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What causes abdominal pain after meals?

Q: After having my breakfast, I have pain in abdomen and immediatley have to go to the restroom to flush my stomach. The motion is semi-digested and watery. I get this pain after every meal and going to the toilet relieves it. I consulted a gastroenterologist, who advised Blood/Urine tests/and endoscopy. He now says that my pancreas is not functioning well as my urine amylase is 715 S-Units/dl and also that my OG junction is incompetent. I really could not understand this and how it has happened to me. He says that I will develop diabetes if it continues for another 2 to 3 years. Please advise: 1.How to improve my digestive system and particularly my pancreas; 2.Will I have diabetes if it continues (My parents are not having any such complication so far) 3.Is it curable, if so, please prescribe some medicines for pancreas.

A:From the information you have provided it is difficult to interpret the urine amylase result. I realise the level is high and occurs when the pancreas is inflammed. If such is the case one would expect pain in the abdomen more often than only just after breakfast. Usually the bowel movements per day are increased and the stools are likely to be greasy and fatty and patients start losing weight. You need to get the pancreas invstigated further by appropriate scans and other tests. Diabetes can complicate long standing pancreatic inflammation but I feel it is premature to discuss this until all the investigations have been completed. I suggest you consult your gastroenterolgist for further investigations.


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