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What care should a kidney transplant patient take?

Q: I am 30 years old and have had a kidney transplant 1.6 years ago and now my creatinine is around 1.5 - 1.64, 1.7. I want to know what the normal range for creatinine after a kidney transplant should be? Also, how do I protect my kidneys and prevent swine flu?

A:You are well with a creatinine of around 1. 7 mg/dl. Some of the universal rules for a transplant patient are:

  1. Regular follow up as instructed by your doctor. Contact him if you notice anything new or odd about your health. Delay can cost you a lot.
  2. Always take your medicines regularly. Have a strict routine, which you must follow to the letter.
  3. Always exercise like taking regular walks, eat in moderation and do not put on weight.
  4. Always eat fresh food made at home, and drink boiled water boiled at home. It should be boiled for ten minutes after it comes to the boil and then it can be cooled and put in the fridge or surai. If you use a surai change it every month. Aquaguard, readymade bottled drinks, etc. are not good enough. Fruits should be washed thoroughly; peel the skin where you can.
  5. Always have a bath at least once a day and change your clothes everyday, especially your underwear. Nails should be trimmed and kept clean as a lot of germs live under long nails.
  6. Always wash your hands with soap after using the toilet, and after you go out and return home. All the members of the family should follow this rule.
  7. Your house should be spotlessly clean. Remove congested things from under your bed. Have a separate room for yourself if you can. There should be no garbage around your house. In a mosquito prone area use a mosquito net; repellants are not good enough.
  8. Avoid crowds such as temples and markets at least for five years after transplant
  9. Masks are useless, they harbour germs around your face and nose. Do not use them. Let your house be well ventilated, don’t be afraid of nature. Sunshine in the house is very good.
  10. Remember that you are not a patient anymore, so live naturally and go to work. Carry your water and food to work with you.


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